Kazunori Kura



Kazunori Kura creates his artworks across various media such as graphics, sculptures, installations, words, sound, and so on. There are philosophical and introspective considerations behind the works, which about the existence of things and phenomena. To build and visualize poetic and fictional structures in his works, Kura uses often quotations from historical and scientific stories.

Kazunori Kura was born in Tokyo in 1986 and grew up in Yokohama, a big port town near Tokyo. He studied graphic design at Tama Art University from 2004 to 2008, after that he worked as a graphic/web designer at a design company and a web production company in Tokyo. At the same time, he started to develop his own artworks from around 2011. In 2015 he moved to Germany to turn his main focus from design to art. Since 2015 he studied art again at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts with professor Jorinde Voigt and in 2019 he moved from Munich to Hamburg to follow the professor. Now he is in the master's program at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg and will graduate in 2021.

Kazunori Kura’s substantial career as an artist has begun with “The Power to Believe” series from 2016. “How do things and phenomena, including ourselves, exist in the environment where we live?” That is the main focus of the series. Kura grasps about it that their existence could just be the images we created if we are not living “in fact”, but “in reality”. Facts are proven by scientific observations, but in order for the facts to perform its role in our lives, it is important whether we can believe the facts as reality. For example, for the people who lived in the era of the geocentric theory, this theory was the reality. But for most of us at the present time, the heliocentric theory is reality. facts are always facts, but realities could be change.

“Actually, I never proved the heliocentric theory by myself, however, I believe in that as a scientific fact. It does no matter to me, which theory is a fact. It is because I am not living in fact, but just in reality”, Kura said. “In a world where existence base on our recognitions, the power to believe plays an important part to constitute existence. That is the energy that manifests things and phenomena. Alternatively, that could be our existence itself.”

Until now Kura produced his works while thinking about the energy, the power to believe. All of his current works show the paths he is going through while thinking about that. In order to reflect the thought processes, Kura uses different materials, techniques, and methods for each work. The series “The Power to Believe” was started with drawings and then that was developed as graphical works, sculptures, and installations. Since 2018, texts are also used as an important perspective of the creations. The works of series had the title inclusive the name of the series until the third works of the graphical works (The Power to Believe I–III) and installations (For the Power to Believe I–III). After that, the following works have only their own titles, but they are also parts of the Series.

In 2020, Kura started to finish the series slowly with three different projects. The one is a graphic work that is named “Wirbelsäule” (“Spine” in English), the One is a sculpture/installation that is named “In the name of a day”, and another one is a public project with text that named “If and only if”. The three works will be published in 2021 and he will keep going in his specific artistic way.