Kazunori Kura


Even if

In October 2019, the two texts were symmetrically inscribed on the ground in Munich.

“Please don't vanish even if I can't recall you”
“Please let me believe even if you don't exist”

Munich—I spent four years there and moved to another city just after the finish of this work. The two texts, that were written by digging the lawn, were produced so that it could be seen from the window of the studio I have used at that time.

The focus of the work was the connection between “memory” and “existence”. If I forget something and can't remember it, or if I can't believe that something was there, will those existence disappear? What happens to unrecognized things? Where goes out the existence that has faded away from my consciousness?
There are so many things under the ground, the forgotten memory certainly exists there. And we are also destined to go under the ground someday.

The two texts were backfilled soon after the completion of the work. The traces still present on the ground, but in a few years, it will also completely disappear due to the regeneration of the lawn. However, the fact should be always there, that the work, you, and I were there.

That was just my hope before I left.

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