Kazunori Kura


For the Power to Believe III

“For the Power to Believe” is a series of installation works continuously produced since 2016 and the works aim to enhance the energy of existences in a specific space. This work, the third work of the series, was created along with a poem.

“The energy which arises from the ground
and fills the whole body
blows through to overhead
with the spiral orbit of the propellers.
The secret that you and I exist here
is still unexplainable,
but you should be able to feel
the beautiful power.”

The propellers are symbolizing the energies which are forcefully dancing in a space, and the half-twisted circular shape creates a Möbius strip which represents the infinity and the eternity.

Human imaginations can soar high up into the sky beyond its physical limits. The work is expressing the energy of existence and the eternal beautiful power which never ends.

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